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Safe Harbor Systems Secure ITAD Solutions specializes in removing the risk associated with the retirement of corporate owned computer system assets.Safe Harbor Systems AAA NAID certified data destruction and secure IT asset disposal services, provide an extra level of assurance when it comes to governance and compliance around computer recycling and disposal policies. We transfer and assume system ownership on all computer systems that pass through our secure ITAD processing facility. Safe Harbor Systems benchmark for standards is fundamentally based on DOD/ NIST/ NSA approved standards. Safe Harbor Systems Secure IT processing solution meets and exceeds all corporate and government compliance standards for IT Asset Disposition and Data Destruction services.Read on about SHS Risk Mitigation..

Safe Harbor Systems AAA NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction Services
we protect our clients by ensuring the total destruction of all hard drive disks through our shredding process.This process of physical destruction of hard drives is fast becoming the best practice for mitigating risk in the data destruction industry. Safe Harbor Systems 24 hour Certificate of Destruction and our system audit ensures that your important data is destroyed immediately. All customers receive their serialized certificate of destruction for hard drive destruction services within the first 24hours,Guaranteed.

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AAA NAID Certified for Hard Drive and Electronic Media Destruction Mobile and Facility endorsed Certification